Mattress to relax

A mattress is designed to give support and soothe you need to take a rest. To have a better sleep with less back pain mattress play a very important role. It is made by so many materials and technology to deliver the best to customers to fulfill their need to choose a right mattress for comfort and to have improved sleep quality. In today’s time technology has changed and so many new options have come in the market. There are so many options are available in the market. Before buying you should know some basic terms and what kinds of mattresses are in the market.

On the web there are so many websites which deal in different kinds of mattresses and also tell about different mattresses with their features. Choosing one from them is not easy, but you can use guidelines available on internet and it will help you to rest properly.Memory foam is very much popular in these daya and there are so many features in it, which makes it different from other. This is very soft and absorbs energy which makes it very ideal for sleeping. Memory foam mattress is different from other standard mattress and you can check that difference on the sites dealing in these types of mattress. Get the best one which completes your sleep needs and help you to feel fresh every next morning. Buy one which is suitable to you, don’t follow other people because everybody has different preferences.

How to use voucher discount code effectively

If you are curious about how to use discount vouchers, all you have to do is to connect online and have a basic knowledge when it comes to computer. Thanks to the advancement of technology, shopping has never been easy with online shops like eBay and Amazon. However, the price tags of the items are increasing and it seems to be inevitable. This is how the voucher codes works. It enables you purchasing the stuff you need with cut off price.

There are steps which you have to follow in order to get discounts. First, you need to make sure that the code is valid. Keep in mind that most voucher codes have their own unique duration. In case that the code you enter is already expired, then it won’t cut down the amount. Also, you should enter the code correctly. This is one of the common problems of online shoppers these days. Most of them (online shoppers) somehow got confused when entering the code which they have to pay the actual amount. Therefore, in order not to be confused, the best way is to copy the code from the website and not typing them manually.
Companies who provide codes use the same process of vouchers. The instructions are available and all you have to do is to follow them. In case you don’t understand the mechanics, they provide 24/7 customer support for assistance. You can get 10 up to 40 percent of by entering the codes. So, as an online consumer better not to waste time and look for the best deals.

Get the ultimate smart look with best western boots

Boots are not just piece of footwear these days but have evolved themselves to be an extraordinary fashion statement that is liked by many. For all those women who are conscious about fashion, will certainly understand about the importance of boots and there are different styles to choose from. You can get unique yet outstanding look by opting for boots which are high in fashion these days and het best deals by choosing right site.

Getting the right look with western boots for women – As in when footwear’s have become an important part of attire, then there are different kinds of footwear today to choose from. Boots are undoubtedly one of the smartest choices that is being liked by many and western boots are the best choice that is luring women the most. You can add a wonderful addition to your footwear collection by having western boots for women that is superb. You can get the look by going on the given link and can choose from different options available. When you have been in search for best stylish footwear then boots are definitely the one to go for. You can get the smart look with ultimate collection of boots available at the link mentioned above. There are tips to guides and best deals that can prove to be of great utility and are worth exploring. You can get the attention with ultimate western boots that are available for women., one stop solution for packaging products

The website as is a one stop solution company that is known for all the packaging related products and accessories. They are known as the manufacturers who specialize in the making of packaging goods, the cartons sales and other accessories that can offer complete protection while transporting the products from one place to another. They are engaged with providing their products to all trading companies, the manufacturers, and small business and even directly to some of the customers. You can visit their website online, and can explore their displayed products, available in different colors, quality and sizes.

The site as is known for their excellent unique selling proposition of creating and delivering more than 400000 in a day. They make use of the premium manufacturing technologies, hold the creative and skilled team which completes all orders in less time, with great speed and delivers them to their customers, within maximum two days. They also follow the simple pricing philosophy method that is clear to all the customers. They proffer to all, the lowest prices which are final and do not charges any type of additional transportation in the final prices. The transportation is also based entirely on the volume and weight of goods and the destination place, were it has to be delivered. Buy cardboard boxes, storage boxes, and boxes for hams, Christmas lots, TV and table boxes, fruits boxes, Clothes boxes, cardboard furniture, mandrels and tubes, accessories and others at affordable rates.

Give thank you feel with ultimate expressions

It is delightful to say thank you to someone who have put efficient efforts to work for you. People at workplace, in hospitals, home and in schools daily do such activities which deserve a big thank you hug and gesture. It may not be possible for you to express what you feel in a go, at that time thank you cards plays the best role on your behalf. Many people don’t have an expressive tongue because of which they lack in making a bond in between. To make things harmonious and to keep other person know that you care for their efforts, then thank you card should be presented immediately after the service gained by you.

The main question arise is, that from where to buy such unique cards? The answer is simple and quick in deal i.e. thank you cards. This is the web portal where you can find unlimited range of cards as per the occasion. To make your search easy and fast in response, you can take help of the categories listed. You are supposed to click on the thank you category and you will see the filter at the left side of the web page. The gender, age and price range is given by which you can filter the card search. Suitable card list will appear in which inside and outside card images is given in high resolution. All the card description given at the website is authentic. So what are you waiting for? Let your loved one know what they mean to you and how much their struggle affected their life in appositive manner. Send the thank you card without any delay in a click.

Eco-friendly sunglasses: Bamboo sunglasses

Bamboo sunglasses for men are much in demand in today’s world. It has the best frame and is highly successful in protecting the eyes from the debris, heart and sunlight. They come in different shapes and sizes and you can appear more stylish by wearing them. They are designed in such a manner that they can go with any outfit. Bamboo sunglasses for men are no less than the sunglasses which are worn by the Hollywood celebrities. Bamboo Sunglasses for Men It adds to your outstanding appearance, turning all the envious in your direction. So just buy it online or get it from the stores near you.

Advantages of Bamboo sunglasses
•They do not make use of the plastic. They use wood which is offered by nature. It is not only eco-friendly but it is also very stylish.
•Bamboo sunglasses are no less the sunglasses of standard class.
•Bamboo frames tend to flow easily.
•The quality of their lens is quite good as well. The lenses which they use are polarized which will help your eyes to stay safe from the harsh sunlight.
•Proper care must be taken care of these frames as they are crafted out of wood. Make use of oil and wax in case you see that the wood is lightening.
The best part is that it is not very costly. It is made available at a very reasonable price.
Bamboo sunglasses are preferred by both men and woman and are also safe for the environment.

The Best Coffee Grinder: How Do You Know When It Is The One?

By the face value of the grinder, you cannot instantly say when it is the one that you have been waiting for. The brands might matter but it is not always good to rely with the expensive grinders because it might break your bank for just a minute. Try to open your door to cost-effective coffee grinders or coffee makers as long as the same could assure you of the three baseline requirements of temperature control, extraction time and pressure.

The three popular types of espresso maker or grinder considered as best ones are the steam espresso machines, the second is the pump espresso machine and the third would be the manual espresso machines. Steam espresso machines had difficulty in performing most of the brewing process since it always ended up emptying the extraction into small pot than in the cup. Pump espresso machines’ best characteristic is the pressure produced by an electric pump. If you happen to make a cappuccino milk or coffee, the best espresso machine which could control the steam used for milk is the pump espresso which requires an amount of high temperature. Lastly, the manual espresso machines which have a high pump lever embedded to the same machine. This type of machine has an effective and absolute control over the extraction since the user may force the water to the ground coffee when needed. However, it must not always be the case. You should still put some little care to the coffee grinder so that it may still last longer.

Get free dealdash coupon codes for your online purchase

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Check out for all the latest dealdash coupon codes, promo offers and other discount deals at the dealdash official website and save much more than your expectations on your final online orders. The company has added thousands of new coupons to its page so what are you waiting for just visit the website and click on the coupon code to grab the most of the benefits on your shopping. And if you are unable to see any of them on their webpage or are unable to receive nay updates of discounts and promo offers than you can simply click on the option of ‘coupon alerts’ on the website to get the everyday information of dealdash coupon codes on your email inbox and your mobile phone message box.

All you have to do is provide your email id and contact number to the dealdash website in order to get yourself subscribe to their alert facility. Once your email address and phone number gets registered, all the updates of discounts and bids will fly directly to your inbox. For this you don’t have to search and search for the most probable deal. When this awesome facility is available to you then why not start shopping from today. Start today so that you never miss any great deal of discounting and couponing of dealdash. You will go confuse as to which option to pick and which to lose there is so much so to do on the website.

The Sofas that can look regal!

Which has been the most pursued asset in the furniture range? The sofa! When these sofas are what you call as the reclining sofa then the beauty and comfort increases manifold in your home. The ways these reclining sofas have been crafted really make you amazed. The makers of these sofas are just perfect in bringing you the best to make you comfortable. The most common shape of these sofas are rectangular because only these shapes make you really comfortable and at ease. The variety you get in different shapes make you grab them without delaying for even a second. A great deal of experimentation is carried out on the texture of these sofas and that is why new things are coming up to the customers.

What should you keep in mind while going for such sofas?
A great deal of these sofas is there in the market. You just cannot see and ignore the utility of reclining sofas and if you are impressed and going to buy one for you then definitely you should consider the following criteria as per the buyer’s guide:
• Make sure that the sofa has a smooth reclining angle as any friction can make the moves really problematic to deal with later on
• Another deciding factor is how comfortable they are and what is the texture of the sofa set
• The padding on the sofa should be very durable
• The footrest of the sofa must be very comfortable as well
For better insight do check the link Reclining Sofa

Fan Duel; an amazing fantasy sports game company

Fan Duel is a digital sports game company filled with fantasies and one of the largest fantasy daily sports organization that has been stretching out enormously in the world and gaining popularity for its traditional seasonal sports which has been confined to a free of cost or paid on a daily basis or sometimes weekly, game of a special skill. Most of the states in the U.S, consider this fantasy sports as an amazing game of a skill and not be taken it analogous to gambling and this particular statement was released in November, 2015.

Fanduel as a daily sports fantasy company by a web based gaming preditction marketing company known as Hubdub in July, 2009.The funding process was accomplished by the Pentech ventures and the Scottish Enterprise by taking $ 1.2 as the venture capital for the same. Fanduel has appealed to the audience who are fantasy sports lovers and due to its immense popularity, Fan Duel has the creditof winning numerous awards for the innovations in the traditional fantasy model for sports.

What is FanDuel Promo Code all about?
• The FanDuel Promo Code gives you a chance to double the initial deposit if you are a new entrant in the fascinating world of the Fan Duel sports game.
• It gives you a second opportunity to play the various fantasy sports and make money from the same in a matter of few minutes.
• The bonus dollars are initiated if the code is used once by a new player and a match dollar will be given for the dollar being invested in the game.

A Stag party at Leeds to engross you all over just before your Wedding!!

Marriage is an eternal and true blessing!! Marriage has different meaning for different individuals. For some, it is a rigid knot of love, for some a ritual to authorize their relationship, for some a tradition to be implemented for the happiness of their parents and for some it is simply a means to stay forever with their chosen companion for a lifetime. Although, it has different meanings, but the ultimate aim or purpose of marriage is the everlasting union of not just two individuals but two different families. As, marriage is a special event that ought to be celebrated with zeal and joy, the pre-wedding events also need to be distinguished from the various other festivities in our lives. For men, marriage is not as a emotional occasion as for the women. But yet, they have a feeling that they ought to share their life with someone else and that would bind them into certain limitations that would in a certain way incarcerate him. Thus, this is one of the most obvious reasons; a stag party is organized for the groom.

Why choose Leeds as your Stag party destination?
• Leeds is one of the most favorite destinations for many men to hold their stag party. stag party leeds is in vogue due to its prominent quality services and redefined cocktails parties and much more to add to it.
• Create an epic with the innovative stag party Leeds in the dazzling city of Leeds to make you enthralled a day before
your wedding.
• The various Leeds stag ideas and packages are provided at affordable prices and most importantly at a customer friend
ly approach.

How to Select Men’s T-Shirts

As specified before, there is no deficiency of choices when searching for a league of legends t shirt. There are different fits, different neck areas, and different sorts of materials. The initial step will be to decide the size and wanted fit. That will then lead into deciding the neck area and after that looking over the material alternatives.
Finding the Right Size
Before choosing the kind of T-shirt to purchase, it is vital to first know how to pick the correct size. There is a barely recognizable difference between wearing a T-shirt that resembles a tent and wearing one that looks two sizes too little. If the shirt is too vast, the crease will hang down off of the shoulder. If a shirt is too little, the crease will wind up somewhere between the shoulder and neck.

Another approach to figure out whether a shirt is estimated legitimately is to get the shoulders of the shirt and lift up. If the T-shirt moves upwards then it is too huge. The sleeves or gaps ought to be cozy around the man’s arms. This strategy won’t work for T-shirts that are structure fitting or made with a stretchy material.
The Different Fits of Men’s T-Shirts
Shirts can be made to either embrace a man’s middle or fit freely over it. Which one to pick is totally up to individual choices? Looser fitting shirts are the normal choice for ordinary wear. In spite of the fact that men who need to flaunt their etched figure at times select to wear tighter shirts.

A web cartel for all your clothing needs!

Fashion drives you crazy, isn’t it? What not is there in the fashion world which cannot satisfy your hunger for fashion?
Basically, the clothing stuff at the site is really fashionable and trendy. You will not find anything which does not fall in line with the latest trends of fashion.

Be it the caps, the t-shirts and the joggers and various other ones, you will not be bored with the variety of the clothing stuff that you have. A lot of things have been done in the fashion world, but the men’s stream of the clothing stuff has been kept out of the trends. The joggers just look amazing and you can adorn it in a way which keeps you looking fashionable too. The best part at this amazing website is that you can shop as well as blog too. You can easily share the links to the social media platforms to which you are associated to. The linkage has also led to the spreading of this fashion website among the lovers who love to flaunt the style. For instance the zipped hoodies look close to perfect and the trends in which they are stylized keep them apart from the trends. You can team up the joggers with the matching t-shirts and the hooders which will enhance your over all look. You can adorn this while going to your morning walk or to your gym.

Waterfront Dining at the Best Beachfront Restaurants in Destin FL

Destin is the most beautiful destination located on the Emerald Coast of Florida and known for its deep green waters, and white sand beaches. Apart from sun bathing, the destination also has challenging golf courses and other popular deep sea fishing activities to enjoy. This destination has recently developed a reputation for having some of the best and world class beachfront restaurants that serve some of the mouthwatering cuisines and dishes. The restaurants in Destin FL are known for serving fresh local seafood and different seafood cuisines that take the pride of place on the menus. So, plan a trip to this wonderful destination where you can enjoy different water activities and dine in at best restaurants where all types of cuisines are served to suit the needs of each tourist.

Whether you are looking for quick lunch or romantic dinner on the way to the beach, the restaurants in Destin FL or Restaurants in Destin FL are the best place to dine in during your vacation at this city. The locally sourced seafood is the prime attraction of the menus at these restaurants. All the dishes served at these restaurants are fresher in taste and there are no other places to indulge in seafood than these beachfront restaurants. Apart from these beachfront restaurants, tourists will also find some of the world class restaurants on the Highway 98. There is no dearth of restaurants in Destin FL and tourists can enjoy a variety of cuisines at these restaurants, ranging from continental to Thai, All American food, delicious Chinese and Seafood cuisines.

Explore The Quality Italian Leather Handbags

The high quality handbags available in the showrooms today are made out of Italian leather. Most of the handbag manufacturers today create and design Italian leather handbags using superior quality calf leather, ostrich and crocodile leather. The splendor of these leather handbags is that they are very durable and can withstand the normal wear and tear of everyday life. Besides, they are scratch resistant and can help women to carry their life need inside it.

Italian Leather Handbags are available in a variety of assorted colors to complement the outfit and taste of the wearer. The manufacturers regularly come with the new designs and styles in the handbags to suit the individual taste of the fashion lovers. If you are not concerned about money, then handbags made out of Italian leather would be a feasible choice indeed. Most of the designers and big brands make use of this superior quality material to design handbags. The manufacturer of these handbags highly pay attention to offer maximum comfort to the users and only handful of talented people are employed to design and manufacture handbags using Italian leather. The assorted range of Italian Leather Handbags include fashionable leather handbags, leather handbags, soft leather handbags, original leather handbags and other stylish handbags with long and adjustable straps with other accessories. Most of these handbags come with interior zippered pockets where you can store all your essential cosmetics and other items safely. Some of the Italian leather handbags also come with small pockets in the interior where cell phones can be stored. Some of the models also have card holders and back pockets for coins.

Get great discounted price for natural iherb supplements

As in these days when taking health supplements have become necessity for many people to maintain good health, then choosing natural supplements over other might be good. There are no harmful effects of natural supplements that makes them a great choice and iherb is definitely the right place that might help. You can get best benefits from them and coupons will add to your joy for sure as you can get them at discounted price. About getting discounts from iherb coupon – as in modern days, when there are many different kinds of supplements that are in the market, then natural supplements are definitely a great choice that might help. You can choose natural supplements from iherb which is definitely going to give you best ever health benefits and can enjoy benefits offered by them. The coupons that are there for iherb might add to your joy as now you can get these natural supplements at discounted price. You can get iherb coupon and can thus avail superb benefits that will be beneficial in a lot of way for sure.
In today’s time when taking health supplements can be an easy yet effective way then choosing natural supplements can be more promising in giving better health. Iherb bring you best natural supplements and the coupon available adds to their benefits as you can get them at discounted price. You can avail benefits by using these coupons which are surely worth it.

Get unique and convenient look by purchasing onesies for adults

As in modern days, when there are innumerable choices being made available when it comes to clothing, then choosing the comfortable option is extremely important. When jumpsuits have gained extreme popularity and liking, then onesies are also a similar clothing that are being liked by many. You can now a days explore various designs and options along with comfort that you will definitely cherish.
Get uniqueness and comfort from minion onesie – As in modern days you might easily get various clothing options then finding a convenient one is the preferable choice of many. You can find best option from the adult onesies site which offers best and comfortable onesies which are worth exploring.


You can get desired help from this site if you have been in search of different colors, designs, patterns and styles which are outstanding. The minion onesie are definitely a popular choice that will give you best help and you can look uniquely stylish even in this comfort wear which is incredible. This site offers finest, funniest and fanciest animal print onesies as well.
As in these days, when there might be number of choices for clothing, then finding the comfortable one is the best. You can get onesies if you are looking for stylish, fabulous and comfortable option that is truly amazing. The adult onesies site is there to offer you best help that will give you an opportunity to select the best onesies.

Save Money While Buying Tees And Other Clothes Online

These days, the online shopping is at a great height. People all over the world prefer to shop online, whether it is related to accessories, clothing or anything else. Of course, men are too much selective about the clothing they wear, impacting the personality to a great extent. Hence, they never want to look bored. So, they often try out new looks by attempting their hands on different kinds of clothes. Tees are one of the popular options, they love to dress up in. with many brands to choose from, the Yves saint-laurent is a preferred one. This brand has thousands of styles to offer for tees and other types of clothing wear. This brand is too much expensive, but there is nothing to wear as people can avail them at discounted rates.

It is all because of the internet, where you can avail huge discounts on different clothing wear, both for men and women. Using the sales and special offers, you can save up to 50% or more than it. People can have a chance to save money so that they can use in meeting their other expenses, all because of the sales and promotional offers offered by different sites.In fact, you can get your tees delivered at your doorstep without going to any local store. Just explore the tee variety available at one of the best online shopping stores and then select the favorite tee at affordable rates. Other than tees, you can order sweaters, pullovers, sweat shirts and much more.

Drive army tanks and look like a commando!

A lot of people yearn to drive tanks but obviously you cannot buy tanks as you buy cars and other sports vehicle to drive down the road but to your surprise there are adventure Sports Company that offers great deals for the tanks fanatics can book the book the tanks as per the choice and requirement and how much you want o get soaked in the adrenaline rush. In this write up we will help you decide which tank to choose from fulfilling your long lasting desire that you have been yearning for years. tank driving experience and feel like tank commander.

How to drive tank
• If you are no0vice then you need to little caution while driving the car so make sure to go slow in the in order to get hold on the heavy vehicle.
• it has the lever and steering wheel, so you have to drive from your foot, so one has to exert lot of pressure to drive the tank.
• All you have to use is foot lever from which it accelerates and retards
• These tanks are available in both diesel and petro variant as well.
• It has no back rest all you will get little stool to balance on.
• This gigantic monster will suffice your destructive instincts.
• One can also book packages that are made available from various service providers.

Sofa Beds are Cheap Yet Comfortable

When you have high regards for the effort you’ve made when you are working, and is especially careful on which items should you invest that would be long-lasting and sturdy to use, you aren’t a cheapskate type of person. You still value comfort and the made of the product, or appliance and service, thus, you are only looking out for quality all at the same time without leading you to bankrupt your savings account. What’s more, when you are a fan of getting enough space, then there’s no other furniture to add to your home than a cheap sofa beds, and here are the reasons why.

First and foremost, you cannot deny the reality that paying up for your home can be quite expensive. With the real estate rising up in its respective industry, you have got to control yourself when it comes to buying stuff for your place, and meaning, you shouldn’t clutter too. The sofa bed can offer dual services for you, and for your family and friends. When you have guests and would want to watch some movies or sports games, all of you can seat comfortably on the sofa. For nights when sleeping over is a good option to further bond with your loved ones, it becomes a spacious bed and would even give you or them a good night’s rest. Sofa beds can come in cheap price rates, however, if you are able to choose good quality ones, it’ll last years and years.

How Everyday Carry Knives Are Helpful?

The pocket knives are an iconic tool carried by craftsman, outdoorsman and ordinary people all over the world. There are lots of reasons to use these tools. One of the major reasons is that they are one of the most functional tools that you can easily carry from one place to another because of their compact design. They give you a lot of benefits because of their easy to carry design.

They are a perfect tool set, which can be used to open letters, boxes, packages and a lot more. When there is nothing to open, which are important, and then these knives are an essential tool. Camping needs to carry an ideal tool, which can protect travelers from wild animals and threat on the site. The tweezers of the everyday carry knives are helpful to give you a complete protection.


Apart from it, they are needed tools at the time of fishing. They also support in the first aid emergencies. You can also use these knives for peeling purposes. Moreover, they are considered as the best protection tool as compared to others. If you still have any question regarding the use of edc knives, then you can look online. You can also get them online because of the presence of huge varieties in the online market. There are many manufacturers and suppliers availed both offline and online, you can choose the best one to meet your needs and preferences. Start with research work to get the best collection of edc knives.

The Benefits of Online Shopping

Online shopping is basically just browsing through the internet and finding goods that you like and buying it through different payment methods. Payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, money transfer, Paypal, and other online payment platforms available. Shopping online is becoming popular these days. This is because people all over the world can have access to all the products and goods offered by everyone from every country, culture, and race. Selling and buying online provides diversity to the products that we normally see in our own local market.

The comfort when buying products online is one of the most important benefits one can get from shopping online. Suppose you want to buy a product, but it is not available in your local stores, you can search the product online and buy it and have it delivered right at your doorstep. The comfort of buying something without moving from your chair is one of the reasons why people prefer online shopping. As mentioned, you will also be able to gain access to products which are only offered abroad. Another benefit is that there are lots products on sale online. If you are looking for an Elise Gug Clothing online, for example, you might surprise yourself from the discounts different online shops offer. You will also get coupon codes when you sign up to their website. These coupon codes can be used to gain further discounts. Online shopping is also a fun activity. Seeing different products from all over the world will surely amaze you.

Get awesome help by using promo code of draftkings

As promotional offers have become very popular these days, then you can explore that for sports category they have their own charm and liking. The phenomenal growth, popularity and benefits associated with promotional codes have made them a rage today. Draftkings offers promotional codes that will help all those who want direct entry at best prices for NFL and CFB contests.
Take help of draftkings promo code – As fantasy football action is on now, thus taking help of the promotional offers will give you desired help for sure. You will certainly be delighted to know that the daily audible draftkings promo code guarantees you to give best offers for NFL.


For all those players who want to join the tournament or want to take entry in the tournament, these code can give you assured help and other help such as bonuses etc. you can enjoy the benefits of this offer today that is not to be missed by all those fans of fantasy football. There are contests as well that might help you in winning all that you have desired for and are not to be missed in any way.
As football has become a passion for many, then you can explore that many sites are offering help with related things. Right from offering entry at best price to other benefits through contests and code, you can find desired help. Taking help of promo codes offered by draftkings is definitely awesome for sure.

Use Protective Gear When Playing Paintball

If you have already played paintball with friends or your family – then you know that aside from the fun, there is one lasting impression you walk away with after – pain. It may be a game filled with fun and laughter but paintball still uses capsules of paint that are shoot as bullets from your paintball marker or gun, so when you are unfortunately hit by even one of the “bullets” in select areas of the bodies, even your overalls cannot completely dull or remove the accompanying pain. Fortunately, you get to put on something that can cover your face, so there is a need to worry about it (at least). You get the opportunity to wear a paintball mask that will not only hide who you (well sometimes, one can hope) are but will at least protect you from pain and from having a splattering of water soluble dye on your face that will come off yes, but that will make you look a bit silly for the duration of the game (and a little bit after that of course), until you are able to wash it off completely once you have taken a full bath.

Just ensure that you have all protective gear and equipment available with you when you embark on this game. The occasion may be casual, or a mock battle between you and your peers, but there are still instances of freak accidents. Make sure that everyone has the necessary protective gear on before you start your battles.